Sandy Brock

Guitar, Vocals

Other than listening Sandy Brock had no musical experience until she started taking piano lessons at age 49. She took lessons long enough to learn how to play chords in order to try to bang out rock and roll. At age 61 she started acoustic guitar lessons and a couple years later joined BR Adult Music Club. This was her first experience as a band member playing in public. Your Mom is her third band in the music club.

Dorothy Leblanc

Bass, Vocals

There are pics of Dorothy Leblanc sitting at the piano, as a toddler, usually with her big sister, who taught her at the age of 7.  Flute was her elementary band instrument for 4 years, but guitar became her go-to instrument, taking her first lesson during the Woodstock era.  
After a “raising children, way too busy” hiatus, she went back to guitar in her 40s and never looked back.  She plays folk, blues, and jazz guitar and has played professionally since 2003.  She also play(ed) mandolin until arthritis came to stay.  She plays baritone uke, bass in a punk band, and is learning cello.  “I keep learning everyday…” And if you’re lucky, you might get to try one of Dorothy’s famous chocolate chip cookies at a show. If Your Mom says says it’s ok.

Kay Lindsey

Lead Guitar, Vocals

Kay Lindsey was born in Memphis, TN, and grew up listening to Stax soul and rock artists like Joni Mitchell, CSNY, and Tom Petty. She traveled extensively with several groups of various genres. She eventually settled in Louisiana,having fallen in love with the people of the state. She has appeared at Jazz Fest twice as guitarist for The Proud Marys, and played many venues in the Baton Rouge and New Orleans area in recent years.

Debbie Roussel

Drums, Vocals

Debra “Dammit Debbie” Roussel got the itch to play music at 54 years of age after wanting a change from her usual hobbies and crafts. A year later she wandered into the unassuming side door of the BR Adult Music Club, where the rock coach David Hinson would put a baritone ukelele in her hands and put her to work. It just didn’t feel right though. She started playing the maracas and tambourine in a band called Grand Suburban, and she was getting warmer. Gradually added more percussion, and before she knew it, she was breaking her first drum sticks playing a Cramps cover in this punk band called Your Mom. The rest is history.

Candy Cigarette

No one quite knows where he or she came from, but Candy Cigarette sometimes comes out of the shadows to join the ladies of Your Mom when you least expect it. Their super power is being able to play any instrument and rock a suit and shades.